Updated 1 year ago

a fork of https://st.suckless.org with some patches and zig build

Updated 1 year ago

zig docs on command line

Updated 9 months ago

3D CAD designs and relevant artifacts

Updated 8 months ago

nakamochi daemon and gui source code

Updated 18 hours ago

nakamochi live system updates

Updated 17 hours ago

common issue tracker for tasks which do not belong to a particular repository

Updated 4 months ago

a nostr web interface sandbox

Updated 11 months ago

a nostr images proxy

Updated 10 months ago

nakamochi website

Updated 4 months ago

E2E encrypted contacts, calendars and tasks: https://www.etesync.com/ - upstream sources are at https://github.com/etesync

Updated 4 months ago

a nostr web interface in vanilla JS

Updated 2 months ago