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nakamochi daemon and gui (ndg)

release build for linux/aarch64, a raspberry pi 4:

zig build -Dtarget=aarch64-linux-musl -Ddriver=fbev -Doptimize=ReleaseSafe -Dstrip

a dev build for a native arch linux host running Xorg can be compiled simply with zig build. otherwise, for macOS or non-X11 platforms use SDL2:

zig build -Ddriver=sdl2

local development

you'll need zig v0.11.x. if working on the gui, also SDL2.

note that compiling the daemon on macOS is currently unsupported since it requires some linux primitives.

compiling is expected to be as easy as

# only gui
zig build ngui
# only daemon
zig build nd
# everything at once
zig build

the output is placed in ./zig-out/bin directory. for example, to run the gui, simply execute ./zig-out/bin/ngui.

the build script has a few project-specific options. list them all with a zig build --help command. for instance, to reduce LVGL logging verbosity in debug build mode, one can set this extra build flag:

zig build ngui -Dlvgl_loglevel=warn

run all tests with

zig build test

or a filtered subset using test-filter:

zig build test -Dtest-filter=xxx

significant contributors may find adding .git-blame-ignore-revs file to their git config useful, to skip very likely irrelevant commits when browsing git blame:

git config blame.ignoreRevsFile .git-blame-ignore-revs

see also the contributing section.

CI automated checks

the CI runs code format checks, tests and builds for fbdev+evdev on aarch64 and SDL2. it requires a container image with zig and clang tools such as clang-format.

to make a new image and switch the CI to use it, first modify the ci-containerfile and produce the image locally:

podman build --rm -t ndg-ci -f ./tools/ci-containerfile \
  --build-arg ZIGURL=

then tag it with the target URL, for example:

podman tag localhost/ndg-ci

generate an access token, login to the container registry and push the image to remote:

podman login
podman push

the image will be available at

finally, delete the access token from

what's left is to update the CI build pipeline and delete the older version of the image.


to contribute, create a pull request or send a patch with git send-mail to

before sending a change, please make sure tests pass:

zig build test

and all code is formatted: zig code with zig fmt and C according to the style described by .clang-format file. if clang-format tool is installed, all formatting can be checked with:


note that only C files in src/ are formatted. leave third party libraries as is - it is easier to update and upgrade when the original style is preserved, even if it doesn't match this project.