3D CAD designs and relevant artifacts
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alex bbc38e6c33 nerd/box: add a box mfr tolerance parameter
earlier, some dimensions were sized as dy + a hardcoded 0.5mm as a way
to adjust for FDM inaccuracy.

with this commit, the adjustment is now moved to a new parameter
box_mfr_tolerance so that it's easier to prepare for different tech
process: FDM, SLA, jet, etc.

the parameter is now set to 0mm because we're moving towards more
accurate processes, SLA and jet. but it is always possible to set this
back to 0.5mm or another value and generate an STL mesh file.
just watch out for freecad's topo naming problem.
4 weeks ago
assets assets: add a simple 90degree usb-c adapter 2 years ago
nerd nerd/box: add a box mfr tolerance parameter 4 weeks ago
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nakamochi 3D designs

the repo contains 3D models of parts used in the nakamochi project.

those design sources which are made with freecad use a version no older than v0.20. a stock installation of freecad should be sufficient but you might want to install fasteners workbench if working on a design assembly.

there are currently designs only for the NERD edition. KAFI version is coming later on. generated files like STL, STEP and DXF are attached to their respective releases on https://git.qcode.ch/nakamochi/3d/releases

NERD edition

this version features a custom heatsink combined with the bottom plate, suitable for aluminium CNC milling. the construction provides a good heat dissipation, making an active cooling like a fan redundant.

NERD assembly unboxed exploded NERD unboxed assembled
NERD assembly NERD assembly boxed
NERD temperature during IBD the baseplate serving as a heatsink brings down the main CPU temperature from around 70℃ to 50℃. when measured externally while doing bitcoin initial blocks download, an IR camera showed around 36℃.

the main file nerd.FCStd contains all parts as well as the assembly. a complete assembly BOM is as follows.

off the shelf parts

other parts, harvested from the above list:

  • 2 self-tapping screws 2.9mm L3mm (from the SSD)
  • 1 screw M2.5 L5mm (from the LCD)
  • 4 PCB standoffs M2.5 L30mm (from the LCD)

custom parts

  • CNC milled aluminium baseplate (look for baseplate_techdraw_c.pdf in releases)
  • 3D-printed enclosure box (look for box.stl in releases)
  • 3D-printed SSD support plate (look for ssdsupport.stl in releases)
  • 3 Ø3mm hole 2.4mm thick spacers (use spacer_3x2.4mm.stl for 3D-print)

TODO: assembly instructions


various files are placed in the assets to use in an assembly composition. for example, you'll find a 4.3inch display, raspberry pi 4 and a heatsink in there.

when creating a design assembly, make a new std part group and import desired assets into it. if an asset is in a freecad file format, open the file and drag&drop the top level object into the newly created std part. then close the original file ignoring the changes.


CC-BY 4.0