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alex 4297c139a1
ngui: port some LVGL-based UI code from C to zig
ci/woodpecker/push/woodpecker Pipeline was successful Details
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this commit includes lots of new code in ui/lvgl.zig and ui/widget.zig
to work with LVGL directly from zig. in fact, some C code is moved from
ui/c/ui.c to ui/xxx.zig.

in addition, a new module ui/widget.zig is where all custom UI elements
will reside. at the moment it comprises of the ported topdrop and a new
modal func. the latter is an alternative to LVGL's lv_msgbox popup.

as a practical example, the commit replaces the power off confirmation
popup with the new modal window.
1 year ago
alex 698e5b6f76
src,lib: zig fmt and clang-format all code
C style is now fixed by .clang-format.
a handy script to check all source code formatting is in
1 year ago