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OFF0 b2ad1d4c60
enable send
Send is enabled now, but some errors do not surface, for exmaple
if the network is down, tried catching those but will need to dig
deeper into that.
2 years ago
OFF0 09bb691f6c
feed: refactoring and deterministic chronological feed order (maybe)
chronological order: Getting there..

cleanup: removed debounce code for now

keep also recommend server events in the dom map, not sure if just
everything should be in the map.
2 years ago
OFF0 549bfed7dd
feed: render textnotes from multiple relays in chronological order
Events should be ordered by created_at.

The randomly incoming events should be injected to their closest
event sibling. Keeping a map of eventIds and dom nodes to reference
and inject the new events.

An alternative to keeping a map could be to add a data-attribute
to each event and use querySelector. It is a trade-off os using
more memory in order to not query the dom tree.
2 years ago
OFF0 d2a7f4a603
refactor: just moving helper functions around 2 years ago
OFF0 d5fa2f420b
feed: add formatted absolute time
Useful to see when a text note was written.
2 years ago
OFF0 5d701c8767
utils: append string child directly
Strings can be appended directly without spreading.
2 years ago
OFF0 380b79038d
feed: change recommend server styling to show on oneline
As recommend servers is secondary meta information, it is enough to
show it smaller and on one line.
2 years ago
OFF0 cab1d14603
feed: add reply to info
Add reply to event id and if available relay info. Relay info is
not always available, see positional e tags (DEPRECATED) NIP-10.
2 years ago
OFF0 69afa63201
feed: style text note reply
Indent textNotes that are replies to an event.
2 years ago
OFF0 7621989b43
layout update
- limit max width of feed content
- better profile image positioning
2 years ago
OFF0 f7eb5ff7f6
contacts: trying to create a contactlist
- disabled user picture, loading external resources leaks metadata
  and is bad for privacy.
- refactored code to share profile rendering.
- wip: keep a contact list to display user follows otheruser
2 years ago
OFF0 44568060c0
feed: add inline form for writing new messages
Just a prototype, not functioning yet
2 years ago
OFF0 bac4b9c5e6
change everything
- reverse timeline
- add publish test button
- renamed variables to pubkey, privatekey
- subscribe to self (currently only on load)
- listen to more events before closing
2 years ago
OFF0 f33c787a9a
updated some styling
- change max-width to apply ti all tabs instead of just forms
- use monospace font for buttons and labels
- add tiny 2px border radius to buttons and prepare bottombar
2 years ago
OFF0 f9fcb1131e
ui: update settings and feed
ci/woodpecker/push/woodpecker Pipeline was successful Details
- changed private-key input to type password
- added toggle to show private-key
- added key-generated, key-saved success messages
- changed global font size
- upadted colors (especially light mode)
- unsubscribe after a few messages for testing
2 years ago
OFF0 be13ecf73f
setting: add import and generate private key
ci/woodpecker/push/woodpecker Pipeline was successful Details
Added a new tab for settings to create a private key. The key is
only set in local storage but not used yet.
2 years ago
OFF0 2ee2b69da4
feed: refactor render and add recommend server event
Added event for recommend server (NIP-01 recommend_server event).
2 years ago
OFF0 7a705cd4ab
add profile images for users
Note: users can configure different images on each relay, added
userList with a metadata to keep a map of of different settings
of each releay.
2 years ago
alex 8d60bf871c initial 2 years ago